Natural Landscape Stone Inventory
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Below is a current photo gallery of items currently in stock at the Mohawk Location

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12"-20" Silver Granite  Quarry Stone                             12"-24" Vilas Cobble Boulders

Tumbled Gray Cadbury  (skid #95)                                                  Copper Mt. Flagstone (skid #5)  

DC Standard Flagstone  (skid #45)                 5 Samples of Natural Steps (skid #37)

Harvest Gold Patio Steppers (SOLD-but avail.)                   Sturgeon Bay Flagstone 2" (skid #22)

Grey Flagstone - Regular (skid #81/82)               Presque Isle Cobbles  6" - 12" (SOLD but avail.)

BTP Castlerock  (skid #27)                                          Gray Castlerock (skid #100)

Mystic Rust - Standup (SOLD-but avail.)               Grey Flagstone Heavy (skid #47  &  #48)                  

3 Samples of Snapped Steps (skid #96)             BTP Flagstone, Heavy 2" (SOLD-but avail.)

Copper Mt.Random Wallstone (SOLD-but avail.)              Stonehenge Ashlar, 3"-5" (skid #18)

BTP Tumbled Cadbury (skid #32)              Mystic Gold Patiostone (skid #99)

Mystic Green Patiostone (SOLD-but avail.)                Mystic Rust Patiostone (SOLD-but avail.)

Mystic Silver  Patiostone  (skid #72)                     Mystic Coffee Patiostone  (SOLD-but avail.)

6" x 6"  (skid #20)        Fullcolor Bluestone Tumbled Pavers           6" x 12"  (skid #21)

12" x 12"  (skid #23)        Fullcolor Bluestone Tumbled Pavers         12" x 18"  (skid #24)

 Sawn Burnished Carmine Pavers 2" (skid #89)                2" Pavers Courtyard Blend (skid #86)

Sawn Cobble Pavers 2" (SOLD-but avail.)   Sawn TUMBLED Cobble Pavers (SOLD-but avail.)

Cast Iron Fire Pit Cone (skid #xx)              Red Stripped Rubble Wallstone (SOLD-but avail.)

Rosa Patiostone  -  2" (SOLD-but avail.)         Varigated 6" Pattern Sawn edges (SOLD-but avail.)

Fullcolor Sawn Flooring (SOLD-but avail.)            Lilac Sawn Flooring - 1.5" thick (skid #15 & 97)         

Bluestone Sawn Flooring - 1.5" thick (skid #78)                      Rustic Creek Flag (Skid #68 &4)

Full Color Flagstone STANDUP (SOLD-but avail.)             Tumbled Garden Path (skids 91 & 92)

Colorado Red Slabs PRIME (SOLD-but avail.)                      Peach Steppers (SOLD-but avail.)

Oak Steppers (SOLD-but avail.)       Custom Red Sandstone tiles for Veneer or Landscape

Mahagony Flagstone (SOLD-but avail.)                Mystic Gold Standup (SOLD-but avail.)

Mystic Silver Standup (skid #63 & #28)      Weather Edge Random Wallstone (SOLD-but avail.)

Blue/Brown Straight Edge Builders (skid #38)           Mahagony Chop/Edging (SOLD-but avail.)

Boulder Steps (skid #67)                                                Boulder Steps (skid #64)

Weathered Edge Natural Steps (skid #46)                             DC Grey Steps (SOLD-but avail.)

1-1/4" - 2"  Blue Stone Flagstone  (SOLD-but avail.)             B-T-P Snapped Step (skid #55)         

Snapped B-T-P Treads (skid #26 not #50 as in image)          Fullcolor Flagstone (skid #74)

Sawn Black & Tan Pavers 2"  (skid #13)            Sawn TUMBLED Black & Tan Pavers 2"  (skid #87)

Mystic Paint Patiostone (SOLD-but avail.)                 Full/Blue Irreg. Laydown (skid #66)

Assort. Black Gneiss Stackers (skid #61)   KQ Sawn Tumbled Cobble Pavers THICK (SOLD-but avail.)

KQ Sawn Tumbled Cobble Pavers THIN (SOLD-but avail.)     Lilac STANDUP Flagstone (skid #84)

Chilton Steppers (SOLD-but avail.)                    Chilton Flagstone  (SOLD-but avail.)

Mountain Crest Steppers (SOLD-but avail.)                                        ASSORTED Steps  (skid #16)

26 gauge Galv. Metal Lath   -  26.5" x 96" (18 sq-ft)    

"SpecMix" Stone Veneer Mortar (video link)                 Gator Dust  -  Grey & Beige (video link)

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