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About Us
Superior Crafts, Inc.  -  Had  been at this location since it's beginning in  1970. Our shop was at one time one of the largest copper mines in the area. It was known as Ahmeek #3 & #4, and was operated by the "Ahmeek Mining Company" and then later by "Calumet and Hecla" until the 1960's. Although most of the facility has been torn down over the last 40 years,  our plant still uses two of the historic brick buildings.  Superior Crafts, Inc. had been a small company that had been designing and constructing these distinctive types of rustic cedar furniture  since 1970. In January 2004, Superior Woodworks, Inc. was formed.  The change of our name  took place when the company was purchased from (Uncle) James Patrick by (Nephew) Kraig Mahrley.  The company name had to be changed for many different reasons, but the furniture is still made the same and at the same location.

We do very little advertising and never have.  This is our first major advertising effort ever.  The majority of our sales are generated by  our reputation for building a quality, economically priced piece of distinctive furniture.  Tourism is the main economic generator in the Keweenaw  Peninsula (map of where we are).  Travelers come from around the country to visit this area.  Our "little" peninsula offers some breath taking views, both in the summer and winter.  Summer time attracts campers and hikers. Fall brings all the colors of trees surrounded by the splendor of Lake Superior.  Winter brings the best snowmobiling in the Midwest, if not the whole U.S.  Now with Mt. Bohemia open, the Keweenaw offers the best "Back Country" skiing east of the "Rockies".  Since we are located on the only major road linking Copper Harbor (the tip of Michigan) to the rest of the Upper Peninsula, consumers from around the nation drive by our plant and can take home a piece of the "Keweenaw"!

We have always offered the Traditional Rustic Log Outdoor Furniture, and we are continually  updating our product line to meet the changing needs of the consumer.  In the past we have tried  offering a broad range of standard - stock products for our customers.  In the  Last few years  we have been adjusting our philosophy  from offering only standard - stock designed units, to building each unit to the customers individual needs and designs.  This really rings true with the Indoor Furnishings, Custom Work , and Cabinetry ; where so much is based on your Homes design and size constraints.

 We want to be "THE" Source for all your Custom Rustic Log Creations and Ideas!

In 2006, we started independently promoting Quigley Motor Company, and their Fully authorized 4x4 conversions for Ford and GM full size vans.   Please check out our other web site by clicking here  -

"Rockwood Concepts - King Quarry - North"
As part of the 2010 expansion project, Superior Woodworks, Inc became an Upper Peninsula Dealer for
King Quarry - Distinctive Stone Authority  - Eagle River, WI
Offering King Quarry's complete line of All NAtural Stone products led to the development of the  historic
Calumet & Hecla Custom cut Granite Counters and Tiles product line.  With all this new expansion into
the rhelm of stone products, it became very apparent that a new "all inclusive - umbrella" name needed to be adopted.
The Name of "Rockwood Concepts" was decided upon and is now the name of choice.  

An additional off shoot of the King Quarry dealership was the setting up of the Used Residential
Asphalt Shingle Collection site for the Copper Country and surrounding counties.
Believe it or not, this was a direct result of the relationship with King Quarry.  We are proud to offer this
environmentally friendly option of  recycling shingles instead of just dumping them into landfills.

Click HERE for Pictures of our Site as a Copper Mine